Multiple desktops in Windows

nView windowIf you have an nVidia graphics card and are running Windows, you can easily set it up to have more than 1 desktop, similar to what the GNOME and KDE desktop managers do in Linux. This way you can easily manage many open windows by grouping them on different desktops. Find out how →


BASH: persistent aliases

A very nice feature of BASH is defining aliases. An alias is like an alternate name or a nickname for a command. Instead of typing a long comand with many arguments every time you use it, you can just type the (short) alias you chose for it. Continue reading

Create, don’t just implement

Speaking with a family friend today, I remembered this post I wrote yesterday. Pursuing higher education means choosing to solve complex problems using your knowledge, not just implementing somebody else’s ideas. I’m sorry to say this but my interlocutor had a limited view of the work that can be performed by an engineer in computer science. The discussion was limited to “what programming languages do you know” and “there are good salaries in this field”. Well, I believe that doing a work where you don’t innovate (or at least design the solution) but simply implement isn’t so rewarding and doesn’t pay as well either. Continue reading

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days

4 months 3 weeks and 2 days image This romanian movie (4 luni, 3 săptămâni şi 2 zile) has received the Palme d’Or award this year, and it would have been a shame to miss it. The action is happening in 1987 in communist Romania, and we follow the story of a young student trying to help her friend who wants to have an abortion (which was illegal in the communist regime). You can find out more about the movie, see a few photos and read a blog with notes from the director here. I have been pleasantly impressed with the acting, interesting camera style and of course the way in which that era has been reproduced Read my take on the movie →

Teachers that inspire

Good teachers do more than help you learn, they help you develop a view of the world and give you an education. Good books are usually enough to teach you technical subjects, but a mentor will add depth and meaning. I am lucky enough Continue reading

Back to school

Today is the first day of school (well, actually university) and this was probably my last chance to spend a few hours searching through WordPress themes, customizations and choosing a layout for my blog. It’s between Cutline, Kubrick and Contempt and I will probably switch occasionally. As far as school is concerned, I have only two years left to study, so I’m definitely looking for a way to use what I study and become a (better) professional. Hopefully school will be useful and friendly, and not a form of organized chaos Continue reading

Nokia 3110 classic review

Nokia 3110 classicI bought this phone about 1 month ago. I want to write a review because I know how hard it can be to decide which phone to buy when you can only see them in the shop or read online about them, but you can’t take it home for a few days and use it. I’m going to write about how it performs, what I like/dislike about it and how it compares to my old phone (it does have some bad aspects, as I believe most modern phones do). I hope you will find this useful, and if there’s anything you want to know in particular about it, feel free to post a comment. Continue reading