Back to school

Today is the first day of school (well, actually university) and this was probably my last chance to spend a few hours searching through WordPress themes, customizations and choosing a layout for my blog. It’s between Cutline, Kubrick and Contempt and I will probably switch occasionally. As far as school is concerned, I have only two years left to study, so I’m definitely looking for a way to use what I study and become a (better) professional. Hopefully school will be useful and friendly, and not a form of organized chaos like some of the subjects we had in previous years.

When you just get homework that makes you search and document yourself for days and days just to understand what is expected of you, it is less useful than having these things taught in an organized way and just working with them afterwards until they are mastered. As far as the first day of school went, nothing spectacular happened. I met 3 classmates this morning and chatted for about an hour, then everybody left. No courses were taught, and I hope that when teachers start teaching them, they do it in a professional manner. I sound a little pessimistic at the start of the year, but I’ve had the experience (as probably many others in many other universities) of courses taught in an incomprehensible way, and I think that’s a waste of time and energy.

The header image is from a park in Valladolid, Spain. I was there on a trip a few years ago. Today I was just searching for a header picture for my blog (the one I used before was from the same park) and I decided on this one (I’ve selected a portion of the appropriate ratio, then resized it and saved it as an optimized JPEG).

I know I’m mixing my theme experiments with my school expectations for the new year :), but this is pretty much what I did today. I intend to write a post on my theme experiments and conclusions (probably this month.. which isn’t that far away if you consider the fact that I don’t post very often.. yet!). Today I’m ending with a big thank you to for their great free features and to for this excellent platform :)


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