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Teachers that inspire

Good teachers do more than help you learn, they help you develop a view of the world and give you an education. Good books are usually enough to teach you technical subjects, but a mentor will add depth and meaning. I am lucky enough Continue reading


Back to school

Today is the first day of school (well, actually university) and this was probably my last chance to spend a few hours searching through WordPress themes, customizations and choosing a layout for my blog. It’s between Cutline, Kubrick and Contempt and I will probably switch occasionally. As far as school is concerned, I have only two years left to study, so I’m definitely looking for a way to use what I study and become a (better) professional. Hopefully school will be useful and friendly, and not a form of organized chaos Continue reading

Getting a job during your studies

Do we really need to have work experience when we finish university? And is this good for our studies? And what about being trained by a company and then working 2-3 years for it during/after finishing school? I’ll try to address the above from a student’s point of view. Continue reading

Looking for summer jobs

I know that when I’ll finish my university I will have to get a job, but what about getting one until then? I believe an intelligent employer knows that a smart graduate can be a great employee for the company, and only needs a little help to ge started. But if there are a lot of smart young people around Continue reading

Free week after exams

Ever get that feeling that you have a lot of free time but you get less things done while on holiday? Whether it’s fun with friends or doing/learning something, I sometimes find it harder to organize myself than during busy school weeks. Continue reading