Looking for summer jobs

I know that when I’ll finish my university I will have to get a job, but what about getting one until then? I believe an intelligent employer knows that a smart graduate can be a great employee for the company, and only needs a little help to ge started. But if there are a lot of smart young people around, even the smart employer might choose to hire (at least for some of the jobs) people with previous work experience.

I have finished half of my studies, and different opportunities are showing up now. From master degrees abroad to summer jobs in companies or even in universities abroad, and of course part-time jobs (but I’m not interested in those because I’ve only found 6-hour ones and it’s too much, I still need to keep up with my studies, guitar and a little sport to keep my physical and mental sanity).

I’m part of a student organization that has recently organized a job fair (which has taken quite a lot of my time.. and I’m not very pleased about that, as I’m behind with school). Some companies contacted me and I’ll be going to some interviews, and unfortunately I’ll have to miss some classes in order to do this (my school schedule hardly allows other activities, because it’s badly organized).

Some companies might not have summer jobs available, but I’ll go anyway to see what the interview will be like. In about a month there will be some summer jobs available for students (from different companies) through an interesting website dedicated to this, and I’ll see if I can get accepted there. Until then, I’ll try to pay attention to any academic opportunities to work (maybe abroad) during the summer, and not skip any classes, because they’re teaching us really useful (and interesting) things.. and after university is over, I’ll have to make an effort to get documentation, let alone make time to study it.

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