Learning Linux (Ubuntu)

I haven’t been posting for over a week, mainly for two reasons: school has started (and I’m trying to keep up with my computer science classes) and I’ve been trying to get Ubuntu Linux to run smoothly on my computer. I’ve worked little in Linux until now, but I could find my way around (especially if I had an Internet connection to search for help). Some of my classmates have Ubuntu installed, and it does look like a nice, compact distribution. It’s is strange that I have had a less pleasing experience with it (until now).

From the X server (the one responsible with the graphical interface) restarting by itself (and presenting me with the login screen), firefox closing instantly (at some point this was happening while I was in gmail) to the whole system ‘freezing’ and taking no input (no Ctrl-Alt-F1 and no Ctrl-Alt-Backspace) leaving me the only solution of pressing the ‘Restart’ button.

The desktop CD for Ubuntu freezes during the install (somewhere in the second half after a speaker beep) but I managed to install from the alternate CD. Maybe some of the problems had to do with the graphics driver (the linux-restricted-modules-generic package needs to be installed before the nvidia-glx one, so you can run the kernel in generic and not necessarily i386 mode). I’ve also had some problems with eclipse (3.2.2). It was crashing the JVM.

However, I have now managed to install Ubuntu (for the n-th time and it seems to be working fine). No eclipse just yet (I think I can always download eclipse 3.1 and run it, without installing the package – and its dependencies).

I’m hoping my Linux will run well. I’m also planning on installing the KDE packages for Ubuntu (which comes only with Gnome by default) – hope it won’t make it crash again. I should stop installing the operating system all day and start learning (there are interesting subjects at school) before projects and homework build up on me.

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