Back from the theatre, where I saw an interesting play (Vitamine). First of all, it’s contemporary. Very contemporary that is. It addresses issues like the useless shows we watch on TV and the zombie consumers we are becoming.

The freedom we get to do whatever we like somehow produces a lot of bad movies/shows/magazines/newspapers etc. and soap-operas. The useful stuff (like good books. TV shows, music etc.) is there, I won’t deny it, but harder to find and in a small amount. I wonder what effect the play would have on people who are watching these soap-opera, TV shopping type of shows. Although the actors mock this in the play, I believe there will be people who will simply think that they are seeing those bad shows on stage. Which is sad.

Being surrounded by a lot of junk, we do need this kind of theatre as a wake-up call, so we don’t get used to the junk and start to think it is normal. Until my next post, let’s remember to take our vitamins for a clear head and straight thinking (by vitamins I mean read a few good books and watch a good movie from time to time).

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