Free week after exams

Ever get that feeling that you have a lot of free time but you get less things done while on holiday? Whether it’s fun with friends or doing/learning something, I sometimes find it harder to organize myself than during busy school weeks.

I’m studying computer science, and I am in the 3rd year at University (just to give a picture of what ‘school’ for me now). Usually when I’m during ‘school time’ the stress is higher, as I have school-related things to do. However, I manage to find time for other things like learning some web-design, using a new computer program or just spending time with a few friends.

But when I’m on holiday, and I have all the time to do everything I want, I find myself doing next to nothing the first few days. To analyze things, I will talk to you about lack of time constraints and lack of topic constraints.
What I mean by the above mentioned constraints is that when you have a school assignment (like an exam, a project or a homework) you know how much and until when you have to learn. When you decide to learn something just because you want to, having no constraints sometimes makes me go slower (in order to understand stuff better) but usually I lose a lot of time and the better understanding is not a significant gain.

That being said, I believe that setting goals in terms of what and until when is a good way to go around this problem. What is more, it seems to me that setting those goals should help one in just about anything one does. I am barely scratching the surface here (these are just a few thoughts) and if you have anything to say/comment on making the most out of one’s self-organized time please leave a comment.

I still have 5 days of holiday to enjoy – I’m going out with some friends in less than 48 hours. We’re going to the theatre to see what seems like an interesting comedy and have a great time!

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